Potomac Valley Radio Club

20 for 20 Award


Contribute as a single op or as part of a multi op a minimum of 20 QSO’s in 20 different 5M contests, including a minimum of one each single  mode CW, SSB/Phone and RTTY entry from the 29 available.

The 5M 20 For 20 Certificate and Plaque Awards will allocate Q's at multi-ops in the same proportion that the 5M allocates points to operators at multi-ops.

Out of circle members are eligible to participate in the 5M 20 For 20 award provided your score shows up in the 5M database (even with a zero 5M score). Out of circle members may need to make manual 5M form entries - which we  already support.

An example might be: at least 20 QSO’s in SS CW, SS SSB and RTTY Roundup in addition to qualifying participation in any other 17 5M contests.br clear="none">
At the end of the season (ending with the 2017 ARRL VHF contest) please verify your contest results are in the 5M database to be eligible to receive a certificate commemorating your accomplishment.

A plaque will be awarded to the member (not station) having the highest total aggregate number of Q’s in any 20 qualifying 5M contests.

The 5M database maintained by Alan AA4FU will be used to adjudicate the
winners by the PVRC secretary. Please be sure your 5M contest results are in
tthe 5M database.