PVRC 5M Contest Calendar

PVRC Contest Season is from July 1 - June 30

PVRC 5M Contest Calendar

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Contest Name Circle Start Date1 End Date1 Logs Due2 5M Results
NA QSO Party - July RTTY  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-07-15 2017-07-16  5 days Final Scores  
CQWW VHF Contest  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-07-15 2017-07-16  14 days Final Scores  
NA QSO Party - August CW  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-08-04 2017-08-06  5 days Final Scores  
WAE CW  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-08-12 2017-08-13  14 days Final Scores  
NA QSO Party - August SSB  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-08-19 2017-08-20  5 days Final Scores  
WAE SSB  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-09-09 2017-09-10  14 days Final Scores  
ARRL September VHF  ARRL 175-mile VHF 2017-09-09 2017-09-11  10 days Final Scores  
CQWW RTTY  250-Mile CQ Circle 2017-09-23 2017-09-24  5 days Final Scores  
CQWW SSB  250-Mile CQ Circle 2017-10-28 2017-10-29  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL SS CW  ARRL 175-mile HF 2017-11-04 2017-11-06  5 days Final Scores  
WAE RTTY  PVRC Members Worldwide 2017-11-11 2017-11-12  14 days Final Scores  
ARRL SS SSB  ARRL 175-mile HF 2017-11-18 2017-11-20  5 days Final Scores  
CQWW CW  250-Mile CQ Circle 2017-11-25 2017-11-26  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL 160M  ARRL 175-mile HF 2017-12-01 2017-12-03  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL 10M  ARRL 175-mile HF 2017-12-09 2017-12-10  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL RTTY Round Up  ARRL 175-mile HF 2018-01-06 2018-01-07  5 days Final Scores  
NA QSO Party - January CW  PVRC Members Worldwide 2018-01-13 2018-01-14  5 days Final Scores  
NA QSO Party - January SSB  PVRC Members Worldwide 2018-01-20 2018-01-21  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL January VHF  ARRL 175-mile VHF 2018-01-20 2018-01-22  10 days Final Scores  
CQ160 CW  PVRC Members Worldwide 2018-01-26 2018-01-28  5 days Final Scores  
CQ WPX RTTY  250-Mile CQ Circle 2018-02-10 2018-02-11  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL DX CW  ARRL 175-mile HF 2018-02-17 2018-02-18  5 days Final Scores  
CQ160 SSB  PVRC Members Worldwide 2018-02-23 2018-02-25  5 days Final Scores  
NA QSO Party - February RTTY  PVRC Members Worldwide 2018-02-24 2018-02-25  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL DX SSB  ARRL 175-mile HF 2018-03-03 2018-03-04  5 days Final Scores  
Russian Dx Contest  PVRC Members Worldwide 2018-03-17 2018-03-18  14 days Final Scores  
CQ WPX SSB  250-Mile CQ Circle 2018-03-24 2018-03-25  5 days Final Scores  
CQ WPX CW  250-Mile CQ Circle 2018-05-26 2018-05-27  5 days Final Scores  
ARRL June VHF  ARRL 175-mile VHF 2018-06-09 2018-06-11  10 days Final Scores  

Note 1: The contest start and end dates shown above may not be correct. Always check the official rules from the contest sponsor to find the actual dates. The sponsor's page can be found by clicking on the name of the contest.

Note 2: The Russian DX contest has a 3 day due date if you want to be eligible for a top 3 spot in the world rankings. Also, the log due date of the CQWW VHF contest varies from year to year, but is at least 14 days in most years.

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