The NOCC: NAQP Online Club Challenge

The Potomac Valley Radio Club welcomes all contest clubs to compete in the NAQP Online Club Challenge starting in January 2023. This event encourages not just rivalry between clubs, but also challenges individual club members to increase their BIC (Butt-In-Chair) time as they observe their score in real-time on the online scoreboard relative to their neighbors.
How do you contribute your NAQP scores to your club? You must report your score in real-time to the Contest Online Scoreboard. Sign up for the Contest Online Scoreboard by creating a scoreboard profile and following the instructions for your logger at Make sure your logger is configured with your full club name (for example, in N1MM+, under Config- >Change Your Station Data in the “Club” field).
While each NAQP is going on, compare your score on the Contest Online Scoreboard’s “Club” tabulation to those with similar stations in your club and competing clubs. Every time you feel a need to get up, look at how close the guy is right behind you and know that he and others will probably pass you up while you’re taking a break.
How are club results computed? The day after each NAQP, the NOCC coordinator (PVRC for the first year) will check club score totals by viewing the “Club” tab for the recently completed contest. Single- Op, Single-Op Assisted, and M/2 scores all count towards each club’s total for the contest which are recorded in a spreadsheet and tracked at
Total Contest Online Scoreboard points for each club will be summed for all six calendar-year NAQP events: January CW and SSB, February RTTY, July RTTY, and August CW and SSB. In late August, the final NOCC club totals will be announced by the NOCC Coordinator.

2024 Archived Scoreboards

2023 Archived Scoreboards