DATE/TIME: 0000Z MAY 1 - 0400Z MAY 1, 2005

Modes: CW only. All stations can be worked once per band on 20, 40, and 80M.

Entry Class: Single Operator Low Power or Single Operator QRP

POWER LEVEL: 100 watts output or below and QRP.

Exchange: Same as normal Sprint. Reference http://ncjweb.com/sprintrules.php

Suggested Frequencies: Same as normal Sprint- try centering 40khz up from the bottom.

Note that normal QSY rules apply. With exception of power level the rules stipulated on the NCJ website at
http://ncjweb.com/sprintrules.php apply, this includes scoring.

Log Submissions: Cabrillo logs must be submitted within seven days after the end of the contest.
Logs should be emailed to [email protected]

Final scores will be posted on contesting.com with certificates awarded to the top ten scores.
An additional certificate will be awarded to highest score non-North American entrant