PVRC 61st Anniversary REUNION ON-THE-AIR Celebration

2008 Rules


1. Eligibility: All members of PVRC worldwide (Once a member, always a member!) and all other amateurs.


2. Object: To contact as many PVRC members and (for PVRC members) other amateurs around the world as possible, using all 6 HF bands from 10 160 meters.


3. Date: Always the first weekend in June. The 2008 reunion will be June 7 and 8.


4. Suggested Frequencies

CW: 1817, 3547, 7047, 14047, 21047, & 28047 kHz.

Phone: 1847, 3847, 7247, 14247, 21247, 28447

RTTY: 3585, 7038, 14085, 21085 and 28085.


5. Contest period: June 7, 0000Z through June 8, 2359Z. Suggested activity periods: June 7 (Friday night EDST), 00:00Z 01:00Z , Saturday 14:00-15:00Z, 00:00-01:00Z , 03:00-04:00Z, and Sunday 14:00 15:00Z, 23:00-00:00Z. Check for activity on 10 ,15 and 160 meters on the half hour.


6. Exchange: PVRC members - send the year you became a PVRC member, your name, and your QTH 50 U.S. States plus DC, 14 Canadian provinces (ARRL-style), or DXCC country. Non members work only PVRC members, and send name and QTH as above.  





K4XX: K4XX (Not a PVRC member)

WX3B: K4XX 1998 Jim MD

K4XX: Bob VA



K4ZW: K4ZW (PVRC member)

WX3B: K4ZW 1998 Jim MD

K4ZW 1990 Ken VA



7. Scoring: PVRC members count total number of QSOs * 2 * number of multipliers. Non-members count number of QSOs with PVRC members * 2 * number of multipliers derived from contacts with PVRC members. In addition to geographic multipliers, QSOs with special calls W3GRF, W4KFC, W3AU and W7YS (charter members of PVRC) count as multipliers. All multipliers count once per band, regardless of mode.


8. Awards: PVRC members - First place high and low power, cumulative and each mode

Non-PVRC - First place high and low power, cumulative



QRP class awards will be added if scores are deemed significant.


9. Reporting: Submission of logs is not required but is encouraged. Report QSOs, mults, total score to [email protected] by June 15, 2008. Alternatively, submit Cabrillo format logs generated by the NA Sprint modules of the popular logging programs, and N4ZR will score the log for you. Please check Cabrillo logs for conformity with the following template:

QSO: 14000 CW 2007-06-02 2236 K3ZO/9 1963 FRED WI W3CP 1987 JIM OR


PVRCers - For QSOs with non-PVRC members, enter a single digit in lieu of the year. Various logging aids (PVRC rosters, lists of PVRC members formatted for use with popular logging programs, etc.) will be available on the PVRC web site under the Reunion heading in May.