The PVRC Short Story by Don Daso, WZ3Q (now in 1997 K4ZA)

The concept of a radio club specializing in contest and DX operating activities began in the Washington area shortly after World War II. Resuming activity after the War, hams at the Pentagon's Army Signal Center organized during the summer of 1947 at the home of W4KFT in the Aurora Hills area of Arlington. The club called itself the Aurora Hills Radio Club, but the current name was provided by W9NWX (now W0DX) within a few weeks.

The Potomac Valley Radio Club has a long tradition of club competition success in contests, both domestic and DX. PVRC members dominated ARRL Sweepstakes and DX contesting throughout the 1950's. Considering that club membership totaled around 40 members during that era, this record of performance speaks well of members' station design and operator skills. Today, PVRC members maintain this emphasis on operator skills, with a continuing record of many contest victories and high scores. Keeping our tradition of once a PVRC member, always a member, the club literally has members world-wide. Past and present members have operated from every continent, and there are active members from every US call area. Each June, there is an on-the-air reunion that brings out the contest spirit, and an opportunity to renew old friendships, and work some choice DX.

Each year, the club has an annual joint meeting with the Frankford Radio Club, a contest club in the Philadelphia area. Alternating locations yearly, these gettogethers are a unique way to meet some of the competition and share stories and ideas. Each year, the club has an annual Fowlfest summer picnic, which is a chance for families to get together. Regular meetings run from September to May. Meeting locations in the metropolitan area alternate monthly between Maryland and northern Virginia.

This briefly outlines the history and activities of the PVRC. If you have never tried a contest, give one a go. It is a unique and special way to accomplish several things at once:

Increase your code speed

Improve your operating skills

Work some new DX

Determine how well your station plays

Have some fun!

PVRC meets monthly. Join us for some genuine ham radio enthusiasm ... and continue the tradition. Vy 73!