[Courtesy K3ZO July 2005-editor notes in brackets]

W3ZQ recently returned from DXpeditioning at PJ5 and FS, is busy filling out
QSL cards. Mac has purchased all of printing equipment used by the printer of
the PVRC Club card, A. P. Harrison, following Mr. Harrison's recent death. W3GRF
is negotiating with FAA to insure the legality of his lofty skypieces. Doc
Westervelt, W4NO, is in charge of a Childrens' Hospital in Charlottesville; he
recently acquired S-line transmitting equipment which he uses
exclusively on c.w.

W4YZC [W4YE], recently married, is teaching at Fairfax High School. VE3ON, John Harris
(ex-VE2BX/W4) was the author of that bit of humor "Harris' Theorem" in December
QST. We recall John as PVRC's only "foreign" treasurer, who was permitted to
hold office while the VE dollar exceeded the MM value of the U. S. dollar.

W4ZM is Washington Chapter chairman of QCWA. K4ORQ, in Indonesia, had
a personal
brush with the rioting there, but came through unscathed. He has been trying to
find ways to bring about restoration of amateur radio activity in Indonesia.
W4JNE contemplates acceptance of employment opportunities in either the
Washington area or New England, thus terminating a carefree year spent
fishing charter trips off the Florida coast. W3QC has retired from FAA
and plans
to teach at San Antonio Junior College.

W4KFC keeps weekly skeds with son K4OKZ[now W4KFC]who is in the Navy in Japan and
operates from KA2KS. W4RQR has retired from the Marine Corps, moved to Texas
and private employment, and now signs W5DWT. W0DCA (ex-W4CXA) has transferred to
the Collins Radio Company plant in Dallas and should soon blossom forth with
a new call. W5EQD (ex-W4EMJ) busy with his college teaching post, but found
time to get a 40-watter on the air. W3JTC, out of the DXCC race for two years
during his SV0WP sojourn, is back in the honor roll department again. K2HWL
uses a grounded-grid 4-1000A and wide-spaced three element beam, 80-feet up, to
command attention on twenty.

W3AYD announced at the PVRC holiday dinner that he is contemplating marriage.
KH6DEL (ex-W4KJT) was last heard from on 14 mc. ssb. He works for an
inter-island airline. W4APM/0 is now a fully-ordained minister at Anamosa,
Iowa. Recent world travelers include: W3TMZ, W3FMC, W3MSK, K3CYA, W3ZQ, W4ZM.

Don McClenon, W3EIS [N4IN] regaled the club with tales of his HC1AGI operating
experiences. He is now back in the Washington, D. C. area for a spell, leaving
South America the only continent without PVRC representation. W3MSR took first
prize at the holiday dinner for his ability to vocalize c.w. at high speeds.
W9SZR/3 [K3ZO]has second-opped PVRC stations to impressive scores during his stay in

W6HOH/6 [W6UM] zeroing in on his Doctorate, still finds time to pump the key during
multi-op efforts from W3MSK [W3AU]. YV3JA, studying in the area, is our first full
member from South America. W4KXV [N4RP]is getting set up for big things from
his new QTH near Oakton. W4SXE retired from FAA and plans to spend more time
on the air. WA4JFY [KT5X]and K4CAX are attending college in North Carolina. K3JQU
lost his quad in the recent ice storm. W4NH moved to new OTH in Fairfax,
slipped on the ice and brake[sp] his ankle.