On The Cover: July 2008

Bernie McClenny, W3UR (left), and Wayne Mills, N7NG (right)

On the Cover

Bernie McClenny, W3UR (left), and Wayne Mills, N7NG (right), stand in front of a miniature Statue of Liberty on the roof of Hotel Victory, the leading hotel in Pristina, the capital city of Kosova. They were there in February as part of a multinational ham team that put the newly-independent country on the air on the day that it declared its independence from Serbia. Both Bernie and Wayne are very well-known DXers. Bernie is founder, Publisher, and Editor of the “Daily DX” and DX Editor of QST magazine. From 1999 to 2006, Wayne was the ARRL’s Membership Services Manager, a position that—among many other things—put him in charge of the DXCC program while he served on the League staff.

The hotel, located on the main street of Pristina, at the end of Bill Clinton Boulevard, is dedicated to the people who helped this newborn country to keep its faith during nine years of terrible suffering. It was chosen as one of the two radio locations for the YU8/OH2R special operation on Kosova’s independence day, and was the base for the U.K and U.S members of the ham radio team. Six operators from three countries made more than 11,000 contacts in three days. See the accompanying article, “Project Goodwill Kosova,” for complete details. (Cover photo by Martti Laine, OH2BH)

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