The following recordings were made in 1971 by K3ZO and recently transcribed to WAV by K4GKD.


1) W3PZW

2) W4KFC

3) W4BVV

4) W3AU

The recordings were made in Vinh Binh, in the South Viet Nam Delta where I was serving as "Provincial Psyops Advisor" to the South Vietnamese Government's provincial officials.
I had shipped my Drake T4XB and R4B twins and a bunch of coax and wire, but at the time the recording was made we had not yet succeeded in getting permission for ham radio operation in Viet Nam.

We could move around the province without much difficulty in the daytime, but the Viet Cong ruled once the sun went down so at night we were confined for security reasons to an area comprising a few city blocks near the center of the town where our offices and billets were located. There wasn't a lot to do at night; you could get blitzed at the NCO bar, some nights you could watch a movie at our provincial HQ, or you could stay in your quarters and read Nero Wolfe novels and other paperbacks that previous denizens of the advisory team had left behind. I chose to listen to the ham bands most evenings.

The rented house which served as both my office and living quarters happened to be located between two towering trees about 200 feet apart so I was able to make up separate half-wave dipoles for 15, 20 and 40 meters which I connected end-to-end with each other with insulators separating one antenna from another, using separate feedlines for each band. The local electric authority provided the services of an ancient lineman who, armed with a long pole with a hook on one end and steps tacked onto it, pulled himself up to the very top of each tree in turn and mounted my end-to-end dipole array between the tops of those two trees. As you might imagine an office with "psyops" in its name had a few tape recorders around so, in the absence of permission to transmit, during major contests I actively searched for PVRC stations on the bands and, on hearing some, hit the record button.
I thought the gang might like to hear how their signals were being heard on the other side of the world.

At the time I had no idea that these recordings would serve as historical evidence of the dominance of the signals of some of PVRC's finest.

73, Fred, K3ZO