2024 NA QSO Party - January SSB
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Pending Results for a Single Contest
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Year Contest Call Used Operators Host Class QSOs Mults Mults2 Score Number Operators Time Submitted
2024  NA QSO Party - January SSB  KK4ODQ  KK4ODQ KK4ODR   KK4ODQ  MULTI OP  350  107  37,450  2024-01-22 12:06:21 
2024  NA QSO Party - January SSB  KC3VBZ  KC3VBZ  KC3VBZ  SINGLE OP  185  104  19,240  2024-03-28 21:05:23 
2024  NA QSO Party - January SSB  W3MR  W3MR    SINGLE OP  133  70  10,374  2024-01-22 16:56:11