PVRC Presentations


"Antenna Planing" by K9YC 
"Build Contest Scores by Killing Receiver Noise" by K9YC  ** NEW**
"Channelized 60+ Years Before 60M Band" by W3FA (sk)
"Coax Transmitting Chokes" by K9YC
"Contest station construction" by N4ZR (PowerPoint)
"Contests-Why Bother" by K2YWE
"Contesting - Best Practices" by K2YWE (PDF)
"Contesting for the little pistol" by K2YWE (powerpoint)
"How to Achieve clean, punchy, competitive contest Audio!" by K9YC ** NEW**
"M/2" at W4RM
"N1MM quick starter" by N4ZR
"N1MM Logger Download" (powerpoint) by N4ZR or View with browser
"RFI" by K9YC
"SO2R" by K4QPL
"Stacking" by WX0B (powerpoint)
"Sweepstakes 2015" by K3MM and WX3B    ** NEW**
"TenTec Orion" by W4PA
"Working the Weak Ones" by W0UCE
"20th Year Tower & antenna Maintenance" by N3RR (pdf)  Audio available from N3RR

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