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The mission of the Potomac Valley Radio Club is to promote excellence in radiosport by:

 December 2021 Newsletter

The December issue of the PVRC newsletter is now available for download at https://www.pvrc.org/Newsletters/2021_12.pdf
Thanks to Dan K2YWE, Tom K3AJ and Frank W3LPL for inputs this month.
The quality and usefulness of the PVRC newsletter depends on contributions from members. If you have photos from club meetings,  screen shots of new contest software, or brief writeups on station improvements or contest war stories, send them in any format to jpescatore at aol dot com.
73 John K3TN

Click here for the PVRC December Newsletter  

5M Contests The next 5M Contests are:
  ARRL 160 on December 3rd - 5th
  ARRL 10 on December 11th - 12th

Contest details can be found on the 5m Calendar clicking here.

PVRC and our members are constantly winners in various contests.  From State QSO Parties to International Contests.  So we want start celebrating these winners.  Basically any member that receives a plaque, trophy or certificate for winning a contest or being the highest scorer in a region, state or zone then send us a photo of your prize. 
PVRC wins the 2021 CQWW WPX RTTY Award
PVRC Perpetual Trophies - to recognize performance and serve to promote higher levels of participation and excellence on behalf of PVRC.  The latest recipients are:
     Downtown DC Lunch Group - 2020 K2LP, ;argest frowth in SS logs
     The Over-the-Hill-Bunch -2020 W4MYA, most improved SS scores
     North of the Potomac - 2020 Battle of the Potomac, highest SS scores
     W3IP - 2020 - 2021 Top Gun, highest totatl VHF contest scores
President's 2021 Leadership Awards
     Jack Ference W3KX and Diane Ference KE3TT
     Mark Sihlanick N2QT
     Ike Lawton W3IKE
     Eric Rosenbery W3DQ
     Jim Nitzberg WX3B
     Frank Donovan W3LPL

Chapter Meetings -  Chapters have been hosting meetings on the air or on line.  In a lot of cases members from other chapters have had opportunities to participate in meetings that they would normally not be able to attend.  This will continue for the some chapters while others are starting to meet in person again.  If you do not know when your chapter is meeting then go to the Chapter Listing page and contact the local Chapter Chairman for details on the next meeting. Click here for the PVRC Calendar.
2021 -22 OLYMPICS - The new rules have been posted and can either be pulled down on the menu above or clicking here.  Many changes for the upcoming year.
PVRC Dues -
PVRC has chosen not to implement an annual Dues requirement. We depend on the generosity of all our club members to finance our annual budget. In addition, active PVRC members are expected to participate and submit logs for at least two PVRC Club Competition contests per year. When contemplating your donation to PVRC, each member should consider the benefit you are receiving from PVRC and its many opportunities for your personal growth in our wonderful hobby, then donate accordingly. Direct donations to PVRC via Credit Card or PayPal may be made by clicking the "Donate" button above or  below.  Donations to PVRC are not tax deductible.

Introduction to PVRC
  PVRC has a rich history going back to its foundation in 1947, with valued traditions defining our club. "Once PVRC, always PVRC" expresses a positive open-ended membership policy reflecting the many lifetime friendships formed in the club. Many of these friendships now span the US and the globe, with PVRC alumni found in nearly every other major radiosport club. Though we began as a small local club in the DC metro area, over the years we grew to in- territory membership in six states and DC. We are organized in local chapters in order to foster the original local experience across the entire PVRC territory. Over a dozen chapters provide many members easy travel to meetings for the face to face experience that is a source of tower parties, physical help, elmering, personal encouragement, and just plain fun - the glue that bonds us together. PVRC members are e-wired, in constant communication via the PVRC e-mail reflectors, online meetings, and social media. We use those e-tools to organize and function as an integral club, schedule club-wide events, set ourselves up for contests, share experience and access the incredible knowledge base of our members. We draw our officers and trustees from all across the club territory, and they largely communicate across this geography via electronic means. The PVRC 5 Million Award Program recognizes our members' contributions to club competition by granting club points for scores submitted on behalf of PVRC. We award an attractive plaque for reaching 5 million club points, with endorsements for levels beyond. Please explore the PVRC web site to learn more about us. We cordially invite you to contact an officer or a Chapter Chair to begin exploring how membership in PVRC can benefit you as a radiosport player and competitor!
Officers for 2021
  Check the contacts page for full details:   President K2YWE Dan Zeitlin,  Vice President N4GU Mike Barts, Vice President Doug Hart AA3S, Secretary N3QE Tim Shoppa and Treasurer  W3MMM Jay Horman